Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lifesize Cardboard Cutouts In Celebrations

Georges St.Pierre from UFC - $32.99
If you are a celebration lover then Lifesize cardboard cutouts of your own picture or some celebrities like film stars, movie stars, politicians etc. will make the celebrations a memorable occasion. Lifesize cardboard cutouts can be used in birthday parties, celebrity marriages, audio launch, movie release, advertising banners, our own marriages and many more.

It is possible to make the lifesize cardboard cutouts by yourself using the following steps:
  • First take a high resolution picture and save it in a file. Use the picture enlarging program to enlarge the picture according to the size you want.
  • Take printouts of the enlarged picture. It would come in multiple papers as the picture is enlarged.
  • Keep the printouts in proper order to get the picture on a large cardboard.
  • Paste the print out papers on the cardboard in correct order.
  • Cut the cardboard to the get a perfect cutout.
  • Easiest way of making cutouts is to buy high resolution posters of the celebrities from stores and paste it on the cardboard to make a lifesize cardboard cutout.
  • If it is not possible to make the cutouts by you, they are ready available in various offline and online stores in different sizes, at affordable rates and with good quality.
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