Thursday, July 5, 2012

Different Products Regarding Celebrity Cutouts

Celebrity Cutouts are the things which you can use for the decorations of special themes. There are so many celebrities and all of them have their own fan followings. If you are planning to decorate any place with the theme or throw the party with any special theme then you can select any celebrity and can use these cutouts very easily. These products are very effective. They have power to make the place very vibrant and live. Here we are going to discus about some very popular products regarding it.

1.Justin Bieber Cutout:

Justin Bieber Cardboard Cutout *1214 - $34.99
Justin Bieber is a super star of Hollywood movies. There are so many people who are great fan of him. He is very popular and familiar to everyone. If you are going to plan for the decoration related to films or related to this super star then I will say that you should use this product for your decoration. You will make the effect that he has attended your place and you will be able to see the amazement in the eyes your guests through this very easily. It is available with high quality and low prices in the market.

2.Antonio Banderas as Zorro:
Antonio Banderas as Zorro, with Chest *548 - $32.99
Zoro is the very popular and favorite cartoon character of the children. If the party is for the children then you can have the theme related to this character. Antonio Banderas has played this role in the film Zoro so he is very popular and familiar with the children as the Zoro. Due to this you can use this thing for any children party or the place for the children. I can tell you this will be the best option for you.

3.Austin Powers Cutout:

Austin Powers Cutout *318 - $32.99
The Austin power is a very popular star. There is a big fan following got this person. You can have the theme related to this celebrity too. There are so many different styles and sizes available in the cutouts of this person. You can have them and can create an amazing ambience as per your desire. If you are planning to do something different than others then it is the perfect thing for you.

4.Barack Obama Cutout:

Barack Obama Cutout 739 - $32.99
 Barack Obama is a president of United States of America. He is a very popular personality in all over the world. Most probably everyone is familiar with him. He is became a celebrity and having a great fan following. You can have the theme related to this great personality too. For this these cutouts will help you the most to create an amazing environment on the venue of party. I can say that it is one of the best ideas to do the decoration with theme.

5.Marilyn Monroe Cutout:
Marilyn Monroe, Net Stockings cutout *314 - $32.99
Marilyn Monroe is one of the very popular super stars of Hollywood industry. Though she is no more today but still she is popular in the people because of her special styles and everything. She was an amazing personality. You can have the theme related to her and can make the even very vibrant and live with using the cutouts of her. I can say that these products are available in the market very easily in all the sizes. In short celebrity cutouts are the best products for the decorations.

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Monday, July 2, 2012

Hollywood Theme Party And Different Things Related To This Theme

Hollywood Theme Party

Hollywood is the latest subject idea for the theme parties. Hollywood Theme Party is very popular in society. In the race of doing something different than other people are using so many different things for the decoration of venue of this kind of party. There are so many various products available which you can use for the decoration and they all are available in a large range. You can get them through so many suppliers in the market. Here we are going to discuss on some things regarding it.

Hollywood Star Balloons
Hollywood Star Balloons - $7.99
1.Party Decor:

There are so many things which can come under the term party decor such as red carpet runner, film strip whirls, sparkle curtains for the entry and many more. With the help of these things you can make the place very grand regarding your subject. These things will make your party venue very beautiful and your guests will amazed by all these unique decorations. If you want to do something grand, beautiful and different then these things are the perfect option for you.

'Red Carpet' Sidewalk Runner
'Red Carpet' Sidewalk Runner - $8.99

It is a very fine product. You can decorate the walls and ceiling with the help of it. There are so many different types of confetti available in the market such as silver and golden star, clap board, trophies and many more. You can use them for the decoration and can make your place so beautiful and attractive very easily. These products are available in the market at very nominal prices and they can give you amazing effects also.
Movie Clapboard & Film Strip Confetti
Movie Clapboard & Film Strip Confetti - $3.99

These products are the table accessories. You will make the arrangements in you will definitely arrange the dinner also. For the dinner you have to make the arrangements for sitting. In this sitting arrangement also you have to take care of the theme and these products will help you to do that. Through this you will be able to decorate the tables with the theme of Hollywood very easily. There are so many different types of center pieces available on very reasonable prices which you can get very easily.
Hollywood Films Gift Set Gold with Free Customized Message
Hollywood Films Gift Set Gold with Free Customized Message - $39.99
4.Hollywood Centerpiece Ideas:

For the sitting arrangements we have to arrange tables and chairs. In this you have to take care of the theme also so there are so many different ideas for the centre pieces. You can get these ideas through some companies who are providing the things related to this subject. For this you can use trophy in the middle of the table. Even movie reels, film cans, and many other things are available which you can use for this task. You just need to get ideas for it and then select as per your desire.
Hollywood Movie camera, Reels, Stars Cascade Centerpiece
Hollywood Movie camera, Reels, Stars Cascade Centerpiece - $6.99
5.Hollywood Tote & Gift Bags:

These are the products which are made by the theme of these things. If you are planning to give gifts then you can use these bags which are looking like the things related to this subject. It is a very innovative idea. You can do it very easily. These things are also available at high quality and reasonable charges in the market very easily. So I can say that all these things are perfect for the Hollywood theme party and its decorations.
One Dozen Stars Gift Bag - Silver - $15.99
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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Celebrity Cutouts

Celebrity Cutouts are trendy ways to ornament a party celebration event in a most beautiful manner. An assortment of celebrity life size props are offered to choose from at maximum affordable price rates. These priceless props can also be used as ideal gifts to people on their special occasions.

Antonio Banderas as Zorro Cutout *547 - $32.99
Make a ‘wow’ feeling inside your guests when they see celebrity cardboard cutouts at your celebration venue. A new word has been added to the world of party decoration with the arrival of these cardboard cutouts. They are mounted to heavy duty cardboard and come in easily foldable and assemble features. Any party event can be decorated with these stunning party props. Keeping a celebrity cutout in front of the venue or around the party hall will give a different yet interesting look and feel. So, get your choice of celebrity cardboard cutouts quickly!!

Felicity Shagwell Cutout - $29.99
Don’t want to have a becharming look for your party hall? Then make it done through life size cardboard cutouts!! These are the contemporary party props that can render a sense of style and beauty to their entire party venue. Popularity and number of people using these party favors are increasing day by day. No matter what type of party celebration you are celebrating; make it more capturing and interesting with having the legends of Hollywood at the party hall.

Super Obama Standup *971 - $32.99
Expecting the old glitz and glam at your party hall? Then you must turn to life size celebrity cutouts!! Different look and feel is ensured at the party venue with these stunning life size props. You can even customize your cutouts according to your personal sense of decoration. Customization is allowed in the costume, shape, size, gestures, etc of the celebrity cutouts. Grab your choice of life size celebrity cutouts.
Catherine Zeta-Jones as Elena - Brown Dress Cutout *560 - $32.99
You might have seen cutouts of celebrities at the shopping malls and textiles? Have you even been a party where cutouts were used for party decoration? If not, then try it out when your turns come!! Yes, this is not fun! Many people today make use of these awesome photorealistic celebrity cutouts to decorating their party venue. These can also be used as perfect party gifts for those who are enthusiastic to celebrity people.

Fabio Cutout *258 - $32.99
Have you ever heard about cardboard cutouts of celebrities? These are the newest and trendy forms of party decoration props to give a stunning and capturing look to venue hall. According to customers’ specifications and requirements, customization is made possible on each and every minute detail of celebrity cutouts. Dress, shape, gesture, size, etc can be customized according to your sense of style. Get one of these cardboard cutouts of celebrities to adorn your venue.

Marilyn Monroe in Pink Dress Cutout*1012 - $32.99
Finding cheap celebrity cutouts? Fortunately, you are at the right place!! Get brilliantly designed and affordably priced celebrity cutouts to choose from. Pick up the most beautiful yet relevant cutout for your decoration purpose. No doubt, you are going to becharm your guests with including such astonishing decoration props. Wide varieties are offered in the design, cutout gesture, size, costume, etc to choose from. Just get one of these cheap celebrity cutouts and ornament your party venue.

Clarke Gable & Vivien Leigh from "Gone With The Wind" Cutout - $32.99
Buy Celebrity Cutout Products online at or contact to us This Is Hollywood, 940 w. Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90015 Phone (213)747-9240, Fax (213)747-9245 Email Id-

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hollywood Party Theme Ideas – Experience The Exceptional in Party Decor

Throwing a party that can be enjoyed and cherished by the guests needs perfect planning, suitable party supplies and most importantly, interesting party themes. Yes, party themes are the most vital factors that help the celebration turn to be a big bash. Gone are the days where parties are conducted just to remind the special days to important family members and close friends. Changes in tastes and preferences have turned the concepts of organizing a party to a new and much interesting level. Today’s people look for entertainment and enjoyment in all sectors of their life. For such people, Hollywood party theme ideas can be the perfect option to make each celebration a big hit.

'Red Carpet' Sidewalk Runner

These party themes are enjoying excessive demand and popularity in these days as more and more people love to arrange a party that looks like a real Hollywood bash. Party supplies are also affordable that suits the theme of the party at the best possible manner. You can give the glamorous touch of Hollywood to any kind of party such as birthday, wedding anniversary, get-togethers etc using these party themes. Combine your personal sense of innovation to the available party ideas to make it really a successful event. By organizing a party of this kind, you are offering colorful feast to the eyes of guests.

Hollywood Awards Premiere Banner - $5.99
Exclusive invitations are available in the market that makes the guests expect something fantabulous and different in the party venue. You can make use of celebrity cutouts to ornament the party décor. Place one of these lifesizes either at the entrance or around the party ambiance. You can get cutouts of any celebrities at the online shops. Choose your favorite movie star or popular singer and get it for your party venue. This party idea will give an elegant look and glamorous touch to the entire environment of the celebration. Your guests will get amazed when they are welcomed by these cutouts at the entrance.

Small Movie Icon Hanging Cutouts - $4.50
Achievement Trophy Statue award night is another popular Hollywood party theme that most people fondly choose these days. Just imagine how interesting it will be when you arrive to the party having an Achievement Trophy Statue in hand. Definitely your guests will feel like a real Achievement Trophy Statue award night. You can stretch a red floor carpet and arrange guests to walk along it. This will look similar to the Hollywood award nights where celebrities walk through the red carpet and pose to the world media in their fabulous attires. Balloons, banners, streamers etc are an absolute must for Hollywood themed parties. Select contrasting colors and set interesting banners for the party.

Hollywood Studios' Film Cans (Silver) - $10.99
Movie related props such as movie reels, film cans, director’s chair, megaphone and even director’s costume can be used to decorate a Hollywood themed party. This type of party décor would be a new experience to the guests which they will experiment in their party celebration. Many online shops these days offer party supplies and decorations suitable to Hollywood party theme ideas at fairly decent rates.
Hollywood Films Gift Set Gold - $39.99
Buy Movie Decorations Products online at  or contact to us This Is Hollywood, 940 w. Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90015 Phone (213)747-9240, Fax (213)747-9245 Email Id-

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Clapboard Varieties to Choose From

Clapboard, one of the essentials of film shooting is nowadays used for decorative purposes as well. Yes, with classic black and white attractiveness, these film props best meets different decoration requirements of party enthusiasts round the globe. First this concept was brought in American countries where parties and celebrations are commonplace. People looked for items that are unique from common party materials and also could easily grab the attention of everyone attending the occasion. Then, they tried out various film props including clapboard to ornament their party venue. Amazing results were received which induced people of other countries as well to try out these interesting people at their party venue.

Director's Clapboard - Small :

Director's Clapboard - Small - $6.99
A wide range of clapboards are launching these days to meet different requirements of people towards their party decoration. Clapboard itself comes in large, medium and small sizes to choose from. Also known as Director's clapboard, these stylish film props cutely meets the decoration requirements of party hosts. Made of heavy duty, durable wood, these small versions of clapperboard come with a chalkboard surface. It also has a moving slate and generally measures 8" X 7". Buy one of this cute and simple looking small-sized clapboard to make your party venue look bright and brilliant.

White Director's Clapboard :

White Director's Clapboard - $14.99
Are you an avid fan of white color? Well, white is the color of purity and sacredness. If you love white, then you are a person with pure heart!! Getting decoration elements of white color seems to be bit harder because most people don't prefer the colors as it will quickly become dirty and give up all the beauty at once. But, this is not true when it comes to white director's clapboard. This is one of the most ordered film props coming with a moving clapstick and a dry erase marker. So, you don't worry about staining the board. Made of plastic, this beautiful prop measures 9.75" X 11".

Director's Clapboard - Large :

Director's Clapboard - Large - $11.99
You may be a person loving to decorate a party event with big-sized elements and materials. Director's clapboard -large is especially made for people like you. It comes in a classy black with pure white in between then as line-marks. It reflects the customary clapperboard that is used for filming purposes. These large sized clapboards best suit your big sized decoration requirements and also leaves you some memorable moments that last for months to come. Large size clapboard comes with a moving slate and measures 11.5" X 11". It is made of heavy duty wood and includes a chalkboard surface.

Buy Clap Board As Per Your Choice :

Movieland Salt & Pepper Shakers - $8.99
 Are you looking for some unique yet attractive clapboard of your imagination? Then you are at the right place! Here you will find an amazing range of superb quality clapboard in different styles and sizes to choose from. From small to large sized clapperboard, you can have at one showroom. Apart from clapboards, you can also have some interesting accessories made of having the image of clapboard imprinted on them. Low cost rates, special discounts and door delivery are the additional benefits that you can get if you purchase from here. So, buy clap board as per your choice without wasting time!

Clapboard Plastic Bag - $1.99
Buy Clapboards online at or contact to us This Is Hollywood, 940 w. Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90015 Phone (213)747-9240, Fax (213)747-9245 Email Id-
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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Events With Celebrity Cutouts

Melina WWE - $32.99
In these days celebrity cutouts are made for film stars and politicians. It has become one of the important for prop for advertisements. Some rarely use cutouts for celebrations. There are different types of celebrity cutouts available like Cardboard cutouts, Lifesize cutouts, mini versions etc.

Celebrity cutouts are one of the props for film industry. They are mainly used for promotional purposes like audio launch, movie premier shows, product launch and other events etc. Celebrity cutouts are also used in live shows when a celebrity is performing the show.

Even kids rooms are decorated with their favorite celebrity cutouts like sports stars and movie stars. Celebrity cutouts in parties would look great.

A wide range of celebrity cutouts are available in the online and offline stores. Customers have to choose from the wide collections that too from most reliable stores at affordable price.

Manufacturing and supply of celebrity cutouts are done by many companies at different affordable rates and sizes in the market. It is also possible to customize the cutouts according to our wish in respective of size, gesture, background design, costume, etc. Many online stores are available to purchase the cutouts of our own choose at affordable rates along with home delivery of the product.

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Georges St.Pierre from UFC - $32.99
If you are a celebration lover then Lifesize cardboard cutouts of your own picture or some celebrities like film stars, movie stars, politicians etc. will make the celebrations a memorable occasion. Lifesize cardboard cutouts can be used in birthday parties, celebrity marriages, audio launch, movie release, advertising banners, our own marriages and many more.

It is possible to make the lifesize cardboard cutouts by yourself using the following steps:
  • First take a high resolution picture and save it in a file. Use the picture enlarging program to enlarge the picture according to the size you want.
  • Take printouts of the enlarged picture. It would come in multiple papers as the picture is enlarged.
  • Keep the printouts in proper order to get the picture on a large cardboard.
  • Paste the print out papers on the cardboard in correct order.
  • Cut the cardboard to the get a perfect cutout.
  • Easiest way of making cutouts is to buy high resolution posters of the celebrities from stores and paste it on the cardboard to make a lifesize cardboard cutout.
  • If it is not possible to make the cutouts by you, they are ready available in various offline and online stores in different sizes, at affordable rates and with good quality.
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