Thursday, April 26, 2012

How To Create A Life-Size Cardboard Cutout

There is one thing in this whole world to which by looking at them we can see a smile on our face automatically. Pictures are amazing part of everyone’s life and unforgettable memory in life time. By taking picture as the base we have a new and innovative thing called lifesize cardboard cutouts which makes your picture look even more beautiful and stunning at any place, any time and at any occasion. These lifesize cardboard cutouts are also used for decoration purposes at parties, functions or ceremonies.

We see lot of cutouts of our favorite film stars near theatres, malls, clubs, and movie release functions and so on. Have you ever wonder why you can not have your own picture in the same way at your home or gift your friend with his or her picture on it.

There are lots of online stores and tutorials available as to how to create such cutouts of your pictures with as much size as you can. Firstly you need to make sure the picture has to be a high resolution one if not you can search in Google to get the images and select one and copy it to your desktop.
Mega Star Trophy Cutout - $29.99
Once you copy the picture to your desktop you need to use a picture enlarging program to edit the size of the picture of your choice with the same clarity and pixels. There are many enlarging programs available online you just have to download them and use it for your personal use for making pictures and playing with them.

Then we need to check the dot size and multi color and export the picture to a PDF file. you can see your picture in multiple pages in that file and then you need to print the file with as many pages as specified in it.
Kyle & Lindy Beastly Cutout - $32.99
Once you take the prints out of the picture put it on the cardboard to check the size of the cardboard and once you check, just arrange them properly and glues them out on the cardboard and paste the printed images. Once the image is pasted you can cut the images in the picture shape of your choice as to how you would like to see your cardboard cutout and then you got it.

These cutouts look very different and adds flavor for your party apart from all the other decorative items. You can also laminate if you have a choice and can be as creative as you can in making these cutouts of your or your friends pictures.
Kyle the Beastly Cutout - $32.99
There are lot of online stores which provides you will all the details and amazing pictures and guidance and pros and cons for making such a large images of your own or at your home place. These are available at an affordable price with discounts and home delivery options which attracts lot of customers to go for it. Students who do projects can also do projects on this and showcase their creativity to their friends and lecturers. They can even develop their career in this field.

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