Monday, March 5, 2012

Movie Clapboard – Available Varieties in Clapboard

Are you looking for some stylish and striking party props for your Hollywood theme party? Then what is the need to search here and there when you can get them at online stores! Yes, Hollywood centerpieces and party props are available in bulk varieties and quantities to choose from. Of the many, movie clapboard is the most vital and attractive party prop that recalls Hollywood Award Nights or film sets in all senses. A different and stylish meaning is entailed in these film props that can change the entire tone and mood of your party setting. Today, more and more party lovers and enthusiasts prefer to include clapboards and other movie props to decorating the party ambiance.

Director's Clapboard - Small - $6.99
There are hundreds of thousands of companies and party stores offering a striking variety of collection in clapboard. Different props and stuffs are also introduced that include images of clapboard or replica of clapboard. Including these props and materials would be the best way to honor the Hollywood movies that you like. Some of the most popular and most ordered clapboard props include clapboard canvas bag, director’s clapboard in different sizes – small, medium and large, white director’s clapboard, Movieland salt & pepper shakers, porcelain Hollywood bell, clapboard plastic bag and so on. With these innovative and incredible movie props, you can decorate your ambiance in a stylish and chic manner.

Director's Clapboard - Large - $11.99
Clapboard canvas bag is made of heavy duty durable canvas fabric that gives a new style statement for your personality. This creatively constructed bag measures 19” X 18”. Director’s clapboard comes in different sizes and made of durable wood, including a moving slate and a chalkboard surface. Small size clapboard measures 8” X 7” whereas the large size board has 11.5” X 11” width and height. Another stylish and spectacular clapboard variety is white director’s clapboard that comes with a dry erase marker and a moving clapstick. Constructed with plastic, clapboard generally measures 9.75” X 11”. If you look for something different in dining table at party venue, then buy Movieland Salt & Pepper Shakers.

White Director's Clapboard - $14.99
Made of ceramic, these salt and pepper shakers look like megaphone and director’s clapboard. This prop measures around 3” tall and beautifully serves the purpose. Many orders are receiving for this incredible piece of party décor all over the world. Another striking clapboard variety is clapboard plastic bag. As the name suggests, it is made of plastic and measures 16” X 18”. No doubt, this prop would best serve your purposes like party giveaways or party favors. Porcelain Hollywood bell is one major attractive prop in the clapboard variety. This bell includes images of Hollywood such as director’s chair, clapboard, movie camera etc.

Movieland Salt & Pepper Shakers - $8.99
Porcelain Hollywood bell, the wonderful piece of artwork measures 4” tall. Hence, with these all abovementioned clapboard props and accessories you can adorn your party ambiance in a world class manner. Give a unique theme and name to your party and keep it memorable to guests for months to come.

Porcelain Hollywood Bell - $4.99
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